Monday, April 14, 2014

Adventure Seen at Canaan MTB Festival

Scott Wootten of Adventure Seen put together this little ditty that captures the Moon Rocks and the sweet loamy riding of Canaan.  Last year WooBear provided the entertainment at the VIP Party and raffle.  He showed some of his own bike movies and ones from around the globe.  It was  really great night and big raffle with proceeds going to the Tucker County Trails(TCT).  This year, Scott will be at the party again and be riding during the day and flying his drone helicopter getting footy of Blackwater Falls.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Logar wins the Iditarod Trail Invitational

John Logar is a doctor in Randolph County, but lives right here in Tucker County and often does the Ride@5ish.  He is one of the amazing athletes of Tucker County.  His motto is to be active every day. 

Since John won a free entry for 2015, he has decided he will train for the Iditarod Invitational , but on a bicycle for the  next time!  Congrats, John!

Monday, March 24, 2014

6th annual poster by Lynda Bostrom

The sixth annual Canaan MTB Festival poster was created by Harrisonburg, Virginia based artist, Lynda Bostrom.  She is a graphic designer, art instructor and freelance artist. Check out Lynda's website

Most likely, Lynda will be at the Festival to check out the Thomas art scene, sign posters and ride bikes!

Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10 SIgn up on !

Things are lush in Canaan right now with the frequent light rains and mild temperatures. Once in a while, you can look around and think that you could be in Costa Rica, Scotland or Portland. The mountain laurel and ferns are  becoming showy and proud, while the rhododendrons and blueberries are getting strong  for their prime time later in the summer.

Members of Tucker County Trails (TCT) have been out clearing trails after the destruction of Sandy and then a snowy winter that saw over 235 inches fall.  Chaga Todd said Plantation Trail is cleared all the way end to end.  Eric says most of the trails in Canaan Heights are looking good.  It never hurts to have a hand saw in your camelback, though.  A big thanks go out to all the folks that keep these mountain treasure trails in riding shape.

Your participation in the Canaan MTB Festival helps the Tucker County Trails stay active and motivated.  Its nice to have people contribute with money, time and great vibes to this special area of West Virginia.

On Friday June 21st , the summer solstice, there will be a Ladies Lunch ride.  We will do skills sessions in the morning and then ride to a homemade lunch.  We will tour around in the afternoon and end with post ride refreshments.  This day is a casual day for the ladies to learn and perfect some skills and then try them out on the trails.  All levels are welcome.  We will have several instructors for the different levels. Come enjoy riding with a fun group of ladies.

Please sign up for trail work on Sunday June 23rd.  Roger Lilly of Blackwater Bikes leads this group trail work.  Roger is still deciding what project we will be working on.  There is a lot to choose from.  You are welcome to bring your own tools, too.  We will work from 9-12:30 with a light lunch provided.

Please join us for a VIP Fun and Fundraising Party at Tip Top coffee shop in Thomas, WV.  The $25 ticket pays for food and the rest goes to Tucker County Trails.  We will also have a raffle with a Stan's Wheelset, Toasted Head wine, a weekend stay at Blackwater Falls State Park, a season pass at White Grass Ski Touring Center.  And hopefully some more goodies.  Raffle tickets are $5 for one or 5 for $20.  You can buy the raffle tickets at the party.
There is free primitive camping in the Monongahela National Forest on Canaan Loop Road.  There is also free primitive camping along Camp 70 road in Davis.  Also, Boomtown Coffee has offered a limited number of camping spots behind them in Davis.  Please let me know if you are interested in camping there.  There is a link to lodging through

Please email me with any questions that you have.  We would love to have you riding in Canaan that weekend with us!

Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 Poster

Liza gives some insight into her and Paul's artwork:

"Two foot long salamanders? Unexploded warheads from WWII? Plants that start life looking like tiny aliens? We looked no further than the bazaar mythology of Canaan itself to find inspiration for this poster. We brought our love of co-creating strange drawings together with our appreciation of all things bike and our admiration of the amazing wild and wonderful nature of West Virginia.

We have been collaborating artistically for going on one year now. The Canaan Mtb Festival is our first of what will hopefully become many posters. You can see our art through May at the Larkin Arts 6x6 Juried Show in Harrisonburg, VA. The same gallery will be showcasing our artwork along with Tim Skirvin for the month of July.

In our spare time: Liza Marshall Frolkis is the assistant manager at Radical Roots Community Farm and a participant in the Valley Herbal Guild. Paul H. Forrester works with Shenandoah Bike Company and plays music with his band Nip Twissle."

We want to thank Liza Frolkis and Paul Forrester for designing such a unique and wild poster. Their artwork will be added to the other awesome posters that bike lovers have made for our annual festival. We really like giving regional artists free reign on creating a fun representation of the festival.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nature Ride

Chip Chase will once again be leading the Nature Lover's Ride! Chip is long time resident of Canaan Valley and runs White Grass Touring Center. He is a amateur naturalist and has strong observation skills and a keen sense of curiosity. And if you know Chipper, then you know he has boundless energy and is a totally positive person. His ride will meet at the Blackwater Bikes at 10 and last around 3 hours. The pace is very casual and will involved stopping and learning about the wonders of nature. This is a favorite ride of the festival.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Thomas Trail Work Photos

Athey Lutz sent me these pics from the recent trail work days in Thomas

Thomas is a small town, but has several outstanding individuals that have a lot of energy to make trail work projects happen! Please consider volunteering your time to do trail work on an organized trail work day or on sunday morning the weekend of the Canaan Mountain Bike Festival.