Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The 7th Annual Canaan MTB Festival Poster!!!

"The artwork for this poster originally is a 36"x48"' oil painting that is a part of a series that will be on display at two different art galleries, The White Room and Lamplight (both located in Thomas, W.V.), May 22nd through June 2015. My Graffiti Series consists of paintings rendered from old-timey photographs with an added narrative that suggests the subjects are the culprits responsible for tagging the graffiti on the walls behind them. While remaining playful, some of the graffiti also hints at themes such as cultural stigmas, liberation, desire, oppression and other facets of the human condition. In addition to the Graffiti Series, there will be a number of other types of paintings that will be on display at that time. "-Rebecca Wudarski

Even though we are a very small community, here in Tucker County, we have many talented people like Rebecca.  We are so thankful for Rebecca and the opportunity to mix bikes and art at the Canaan MTB Festival. We like to think mountain biking and trail design can be a great creative outlet.  If you are around the weekend of May 23rd and 24th, check out the Blackwater Classic and Art Spring.  And of course, come to the Canaan MTB Festival and do trail work!


  1. Did the super D get dumped for this year?

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  3. I love to attend art shows, and my last event was at famous event halls in Philadelphia. I went there with all my family. I am a great fan of making oil paintings, and so these days I am busy with my art.

  4. Your graffiti also hints at themes including cultural stigmas, liberation, desire, oppression and also other facets of the human issue.

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