Women and Men's Skills Sessions and Lunch

Friday June 15 9am-1:30

Meet at the pavilion across from the Pendleton Point overlook parking lot ready to ride at 9. We will have coffee!  There will be sessions for men and women this year. This 4 hour skills clinic will work on foundational and specific skills for improving mountain bike confidence and competence.

 Finish with a delightful catered White Grass Cafe lunch at 1:30 pm at the pavilion across from Pendleton Point.

Registration is $70, $50 for  true locals

New for this year:  We are adding a men's skills session due to popular demand.  There is always something to learn and improve on in mountain biking.  Men will be coached by the owner of The Wheel Mill in Pittsburg, Harry Geyer.  Harry says," Since opening The Wheel Mill in 2013 I've had the opportunity to work on my own mountain bike skills as well as help hundreds of other riders learn that there is actually a method to the madness of trail riding. Seeing that moment when a student realizes that they can be in control of their riding without relying on luck or bravado gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment. "
Read more about The Wheel Milll.

Included in the cost is a gourmet lunch by the notable White Grass Cafe.  Participation in the session is limited to 10 men's spots.

Harry Geyer is the men's instructor
The women's sessions will be taught by Meredith Erlewine, Hillary Marques and Sue Haywood and Annie Simcoe.  Registration is limited to 32 women.

We are welcoming Hillary as an instructor at the the Canaan MTB Festival this year.  She brings a wealth of experience and is credentialed as both an ICP and PMBI mountain bike instructor.  Hillary's daily riding is in the Frederick Watershed and she is an owner of Backyard Ponds, LLC.

Meredith loves to teach and rid

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