Saturday Group Rides

460 William Ave ( Main Street)
Davis, West Virginia 26260

This is the 8th annual Canaan MTB Festival.  This is a recreational event to enjoy mountain biking and encourage the sustainable growth and maintenance of the trail network in the Canaan Valley area.  Events includes group rides,Trials, Super D, bike hash, ladies lunch ride and a VIP Blackwater Bicycle Association Fundraiser party. This event hopes to raise awareness and money for the local IMBA bike club, Blackwater Bicycle Association (BBA).   Please come out and enjoy the beauty of mountain biking at 3200+ft at this special place in West Virginia.


Thursday June 15 Ride at Five   This is the local weekly group ride out of Blackwater Bikes.  It is a social ride with different groups going out.  This year we will be timing a Super D on the Hoodoo Hustle for fun. That group will likely do Moon Rocks then HooDoo trails.  Party at Hellbenders Burritos after the ride.  Each participant of the Ride at Five will receive one free draft at the party!  Hellbenders will donate $1 for each beer sold to Blackwater Bicycle Association  (BBA)

Friday June 16 is Ladies Day with Sue Haywood. We will meet  at Sue's House on Loop Rd in aCanaan Heights at  9:30.  We will do mtb skills instruction and practice in the morning. We have  a catered gourmet lunch by White Grass Cafe at 12:30.  Then the afternoon will consist of a tour to practice our skills and enjoy the beauty of the trails in Canaan.  All levels of women riders are welcome. Groups will be split by level and regroup at lunch.  Post ride drinks and appetizers .  We will be finished around 4pm. This is always a well attended and fun day. Fee is $70.  Local ladies cost is $35

Saturday June 20 Free Group Rides led by locals.  4-5 unsupported rides will be offered.  

The Nature Lover's ride: Ride leaders: Chip Chase and friends. This ride is for people who like to take it easy and learn about nature and the unique natural history of the Canaan Valley with interesting characters and experienced amateur naturalists.  Past years have explored Beaver Ponds, Waterfalls and mushroom hunting.  There are two ride times of 10am and 1pm.

WOMEN'S RIDE:  Ride Leader is Sara Chua.  Sara will show the ladies around some near by trails.  There are options for shorter and longer routes.  This is a friendly, supportive ride.

Double Down or TBD:  Ride leaders: Swifty and Sarafino.   This ride cruises out the race course and up to the world famous Moon Rocks , Down Hoo-Doo rocks, across the Blackwater and climb up the Little Canaan "haul" road, down Hellbenders and finishing up on Splash Dam and back to Davis.  Around 4 hours with bail out spots.  Many rocks on this ride.
Local's Choice:

1. Eric and Todd's ride : Blackwater to Canaan with shuttle back.  20 rider limit. 

2.  Robbie Hall's ride: TBD  Local nice guy takes you on his favs.

Adventure Ride: Ride leaders: Sue Haywood and Zach Adams. This is the long ride that covers both challenging singletrack and fire roads.  We will be determining the route soon, but it will be a nice long day in the woods.  This ride meets at 9 and starts promptly at 9:30 at Blackwater Bikes.  This is a great way to connect singletrack  and see all of Canaan Valley.

These rides are not "guided", but will have local riders volunteering to lead them. As always in mountain biking, you need to be well equipped and prepared with food, water, tools , a map and cell phone. Mountain Biking is an inherently dangerous and vigorous endeavor. Be responsible, ride safe and follow the IMBA rules of the trail. You are always welcome to ride on your own with friends to keep group sizes smaller and join the party later.

Saturday night June 17 is a VIP Blackwater Bicycle Association Fundraiser Party at TipTop in Thomas  at 7pm.  Party, mingle, eat, enjoys spirits and support our local IMBA chapter: Blackwater Bicycle Association  Cost is $40.  Party is limited to 75 people.

Sunday June 18

 Kids Ride is TAKE A KID MOUNTAIN BIKING DAY: 10am at the Pavillion in the Davis City Park on the banks of the Blackwater River. Ride leaders : Meredith Erlewine who is a level 2 IMBA skills instructor and Rob Stull, owner of Blackwater Bikes. After a mini-skills clinic, a fun trail ride with plenty of stops lasting about 2 hours.  A parent must accompany their child on this ride.

Sunday June 18 Bike Hash at 1 pm at Blackwater Bikes ready to ride.  This is a fun event where the Hounds try to catch the Hares through a series of clues and markings.  The local mtb hares are fast and the cleverest bunch around.Try and catch them or just enjoy the route.   This year we will be adding a new twist, too! Cost is $12 and includes beverages and Sirianni's  world famous pizza and traditional Hash songs.

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  2. Awesome line up y'all. I hope to participate in everything my little legs can handle. thank you for making Canaan so wonderfully accessible and fun!