Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Thomas, West Virginia

 The Canaan MTB Festival is based out of Blackwater Bikes in Davis.  We love that you can park your car in town , get on your bike and ride for hours.    And then come back to town and enjoy food and beer at the restaurants in town.

But, we also really love our "sister" town of Thomas. (unless we are talking about kickball, then it's Thomas our "rival")  The VIP Party is at Tip Top on Saturday June 20 at 7:30.  You can buy a ticket and get the tasty house made meal and then take a chance to win one of the many raffle prizes.

While you are in Thomas, you can also visit the many art galleries, including the extraordinary White Room,  the  cosmopolitan Lamplight Gallery and the Appalachian artist showcase, the Buxton and Landstreet Gallery.  Lamplight is featuring the work of artist Rebecca Wudarski who designed the poster for this 7th year.  You can also see the art that was the inspiration for the poster.

Of course, The Purple Fiddle is the place to be for live music. There is music there all weekend during the Festival.  Saturday night the hard driving, high energy Mo Mojo band is playing.  It's a perfect thing to do after the VIP party.

And if you get the munchies or miss the VIP party food at Tip Top, Salud is making delicious wood fired pizza until late night.  They serve super healthy smoothies all day and are an apothecary as well.  Check them out!

And don't think Thomas is just coffee, art and music...There are two incredible trails there!  The Thomas Trails is a city park that is built on a beautiful wooded hillside overlooking the North Fork of the Blackwater.  There are five miles of trail with signage.  There is a kiosk with a map.  The other jewel of  Thomas is the Blackwater Canyon Rail Trail.  Park in Thomas and cruise on downstream for 10 miles to the tiny town of Hendricks.  Enjoy both nature and railroad history on this steep for a rail grade trail.  And think about learning more about the Friends of Blackwater Canyon who work to protect this unique area.

Hope to see you in Thomas for the Canaan MTB Festival!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The 7th Annual Canaan MTB Festival Poster!!!

"The artwork for this poster originally is a 36"x48"' oil painting that is a part of a series that will be on display at two different art galleries, The White Room and Lamplight (both located in Thomas, W.V.), May 22nd through June 2015. My Graffiti Series consists of paintings rendered from old-timey photographs with an added narrative that suggests the subjects are the culprits responsible for tagging the graffiti on the walls behind them. While remaining playful, some of the graffiti also hints at themes such as cultural stigmas, liberation, desire, oppression and other facets of the human condition. In addition to the Graffiti Series, there will be a number of other types of paintings that will be on display at that time. "-Rebecca Wudarski

Even though we are a very small community, here in Tucker County, we have many talented people like Rebecca.  We are so thankful for Rebecca and the opportunity to mix bikes and art at the Canaan MTB Festival. We like to think mountain biking and trail design can be a great creative outlet.  If you are around the weekend of May 23rd and 24th, check out the Blackwater Classic and Art Spring.  And of course, come to the Canaan MTB Festival and do trail work!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Some of my fav photos from the 2014 Festival

One of those off the map spots

The kids ride!

The Down Down after the Bike Hash

There were a few Blueberries
photo by Meredith

Kids Observed Bike Trials
photo by Meredith

The Ladies Day Lunch Ride

Mountain Laurels were showy

Trial Work address wet issues
photo by Ricky

Tom rides a section of  Heart of the Highlands Trail called Splash Dam

Hellbender Trail with loads of ferns
Photo by Meredith

Ricky rides Moon Rocks
Photo by Ricky