685 William Ave ( Main Street)
Davis, West Virginia 26260

This is the 12th annual Canaan MTB Festival.  This is a recreational event to enjoy mountain biking and encourage the sustainable growth and maintenance of the trail network in the Canaan Valley area and welcome mountain biking visitors to Tucker County. Events includes group rides,Trials, bike hash, trail work, kids ride, Skills instruction for men and women with a catered lunch  and a VIP Blackwater Bicycle Association Fundraiser party. This event hopes to raise awareness and money for the local IMBA bike club, Blackwater Bicycle Association (BBA).   Please come out and enjoy the beauty of mountain biking at 3200+ft at this special place in West Virginia.

Please park in the empty lot next to the Blackwater Bikes ,   Driftland Sports or by the new Blackwater Bikes.   Please do not park in front of local businesses all day while you are out riding. Respect the mayor and his request.  The old hotel lot is good too.  Please do not park in front of the Highland Market!!

Thursday June 18 Ride at Five   This is the local weekly group ride out of Blackwater Bikes. It is not an official Festival ride, but it is a social ride with different groups going out.  Informal  Party at Hellbenders Burritos after the ride. Then to Stumptown Ales for delicious IPAs.  

Friday June 19 offers skills instruction by certified mountain bike teachers and lunch  at Blackwater Falls State Park. We will meet at the pavilion across from Pendleton Point parking in Blackwater Falls State Park at  9:00.   This is a four hour session with a catered White Grass  lunch  at 1:30.  There will be one men's group,one coed all levels group and a beginner, intermediate and advanced women groups.    You will sign up for your groups by level .  Fee is $75.  

Saturday June 20 Free Group Rides led by locals.   The purpose is to have fun, look at the scenery, talk to each other and ride trails!  

Ride options, not set in stone!

THE BEGINNER RIDE: Jess Tucker will go easy and friendly for this ride. Jess is mellow with a head full of knowledge of nature and trails.     Starts at 10am at Blackwater Bikes.

The Nature Lover's ride: Ride with the amazing and one of a kind, Chip Chase, owner of White Grass Ski Touring and Kevin Moore. This ride is for people who like to learn about nature and the unique natural history of the Canaan Valley while they ride trail.   Past years have explored Beaver Ponds, Waterfalls and mushroom hunting.   This is not a beginner ride, because there will be some technical trails, but pace is mellow.  There will be a morning and afternoon version of this ride. First  Starts at 10 at Blackwater Bikes.  Second ride is after lunch around 1:30 or 2.

WOMEN'S RIDE:    Ride Leader: Local Phd, Amy,  and Nikki will show the ladies around some near by trails.  There are options for shorter and longer routes.  This is a friendly, supportive ride.  Prepare to giggle!  Meets at 10 at Blackwater Bikes and lasts 2-3 hours.

Valley ride: with Stro  Check out the trails on the Beall Tract and the newer Blackwater View trail.  Meet at 10:30 at Beall Tract on Cortland Road.  This is mellow, gorgeous terrain.  This ride has options to go longer and circumvent the valley or shorter as an out and back.

Double Down :  Ride leader: Matt McGuffin This ride cruises out the race course and up to the world famous Moon Rocks , Down Hoo-Doo rocks, across the Blackwater and climb up the Little Canaan "haul" road, down Hellbenders and finishing up on Splash Dam and back to Davis.  Around 4-5 hours with bail out spots.  Many rocks and special bogs on this ride. Starts at 10 at Blackwater Bikes.

Ride with Keith:  Keith is a rockstar of our community and works hard for our bike club.  He's friendly but hates vegetables.  If you have a chili dog, bring it for Keith.  He'll take you on some of his favorites close to Davis.  It's a medium pace and about 2-3 hours.

Local's Choice:
  with Sara Chua Route TBD  She'll take you on her favs. Typically rides up and down Canaan Mountain. Mellow pace, but some techy trails. Starts at 10 at Blackwater Bikes.

 Adventure Ride: Ride leaders: Sue Haywood and Mark.  This is the all day IPA ride.  We will climb up Canaan Mountain and do the gnar of the Canaan Mountain Backcountry including  Pointy Knob,  Railroad Grade, and Plantation.  We will have an refreshment stop at Sue's House and then cross over the road and hit the other side of the mountain. This ride meets at 9 and starts promptly at 9:30 at Blackwater Bikes.  . This ride moves slow...lots of stops and chatting.  

Blackwater Canyon Trail Ride with Pat O'Hammy. Saturday June 15th . Meeting in Thomas at 1:45 pm in then lower parking lot by the bike racks. This is a beautiful trail with numerous waterfalls and great views of the gorge. Very easy trail and any ability will be fine. Families and children are welcome. We will meet in Thomas Drop off our bikes then drive down to Parsons to set shuttle. The ride is 13 miles mostly downhill. If your vehicle is in Parsons and you want to take off that is fine. We will not be in a hurry to leave plenty of time for pictures. This is one of those bring your camera trips. Bring an extra tube in case of flats something to drink and any medication you may need. The trail is very remote and beautiful This is a very easy trail with a packed surface but gives you the feel of single track.

These rides are not "guided", but will have local riders volunteering to lead them. As always in mountain biking, you need to be well equipped and prepared with food, water, tools , a map and cell phone and first aid. Mountain Biking is an inherently dangerous and vigorous endeavor. Be responsible, ride safe and follow the IMBA rules of the trail. You are always welcome and encouraged  to ride on your own with friends to keep group sizes smaller and join the party later.

Saturday night June 15 is a VIP Blackwater Bicycle Association FUNdraiser Party at 5:30 at Wicked Wilderness Pub and Parlor in Davis.  This year the band is TBD  will play dance tunes after the raffle. Party, mingle, eat, enjoys spirits and support our local IMBA chapter: Blackwater Bicycle Association  Cost is $40. Please sign up on Bikereg to help us adequately prepare.

Sunday June 21

 Kids and Family Ride at the Davis City Park 
9:30am at the Pavillion in the Davis City Park on the banks of the  the Blackwater River. Ride leaders : Meredith Erlewine and Sue Haywood are experienced skills instructor and Rob Stull, owner of Blackwater Bikes and Jess Tucker. After a mini-skills clinic, a fun trail ride with plenty of stops and mud puddles. Done by Noon.  A parent must accompany their child on this ride and provide trail snacks and water.


TRAIL WORK at 9 am,  on the green Flow trail at the Thomas City Park Trails.  Join owner of Appalachian Dirt, Zach Adams, to work on a section of this latest Tucker County Trail. Meet at  trailhead and park on the upper parking lots.

Sunday June 21 Bike Hash at 1:15 pm at Blackwater Bikes ready to hunt some hares.  This is a fun event where the Hounds try to catch the Hares through a series of clues and markings.  The local mtb hares are fast and the cleverest bunch around. Try and catch them or just enjoy the route.    Cost is $10 cash and includes beverages and Sirianni's  world famous pizza and traditional Hash songs.  Feel free to dress weird and be weird.

Visit for some lodging options.  Camping options are the RestRite Campground on Blackwater Falls Road, Blackwater Falls State Park Campground and primitive camping on Canaan Loop Road. Visit the website of our good friends at Mountain Top Realty for a 20% discount. If you have any questions email

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