Wednesday, February 5, 2020

2020 Festival Poster by Jen Iskow

Jen Iskow has designed our  Canaan MTB Festival poster for 2020!  This is the 12th edition of the Festival and her design this year is so cool.  She captures the epic spots for mountain bikers that spark joy...the Moon Rocks with the American flag, a sunset at Lindy Point and the idea that mountain biking can lift you up from your earthly ties.

Sometimes, it is unbelievable to realize how many creative and talented people live in our tiny mountain hamlet of Tucker County. Jen Iskow is one of those people.  Jen lives in Thomas  with her dog, Marcel, where she is an artist and works offering design services to other artists, musicians, farms, small businesses, non-profits and beyond.  She is a musician as well, and plays in local gloom rock band, Corpse Factory.  In 2017 Jen, did a yearlong fiddle apprentice with master fiddler John Morris.  She said, "It was the hardest yet most rewarding things that I have ever set out to do. This music, these stories, this feeling can't be bought or sold, imitated or extracted. If you are trying something new, and very challenging don't get discouraged...even if you are not very good at is still very much worth it.  Those moments of discomfort teach us so much...stretch yourself beyond your limits and watch the universe unfold."

Check out Jen's website